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        1. 湖南普照信息材料有限公司






          Hunan Omnisun Information Materials Co., Ltd (OIM) is the only one at present in China specially for R&D, production and marketing of Chrome Mask Blanks with high precision and “Zero-Defect” quality.

          Located in Changsha National High-Tech Development Zone of Hunan Province, OIM was founded in August, 2003, with a registered capital of 105.96 Million RMB. It is held by Hunan Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. (HEC) who is also a company held by Hunan Xiangtou Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

          With currently the most advanced technologies, processes and equipments, combined with self-innovation, we have established a sputtering production line for Chrome Mask Blanks, with products specifications ranging from 75×75mm to 700×800mm. Our products are widely applied in various industries like flat panel displays (FPD), integrated circuits (IC), fine optical, circuit board, micro-nano processing, laser anti-counterfeit and so on.

          The “zero defect” and high precision quality of products are guaranteed by  the world-class equipments, technologies and process, clean-room workshops of up to Grade 10, and strict quality assurance system. The products have not only filled up the domestic blank, changing the history that the mask blanks relied on import for long time, but also developed to the first class in the world.

          Science and technology change the world, and the information leads the future. We will devote ourselves to R&D and innovation of this industry, endeavor to maintain our leading position in China and keep in pace with the world. And we sincerely hope to work and cooperate with you today, to create together a prosperous tomorrow.

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